TNCS’s Inaugural Spring Festival: By the TNCS Community, for the TNCS Community!

In a big first for The New Century School, Director of Student Support Alexis Boyd pulled off a next-to-impossible feat: the TNCS Spring Festival . . . in the school parking lot!

On Tuesday, April 18th, from age 2 right up through the 8th-graders, all TNCS students had an absolute blast. And, although Ms. Boyd had the heaviest lift in actualizing her “brain baby,” this was truly an event by the TNCS community, for the TNCS community. “I wanted to put together something both students and families could enjoy,” she said. It took a tremendous amount of logistics and planning, and there were a lot of moving parts to coordinate the morning of the event. But everyone chipped in and did their parts, including TNCS faculty and staff, families, and students.

Ms. Boyd says, “I want to give a huge shout out to Alicia Rojas, our volunteer coordinator, who really stepped up and supported me as I was trying to get all of our stations filled. It took a lot of manpower to make sure that this day went smoothly, from managing the staggered schedule to selling tickets and and wristbands to emptying the parking lot that is typically full and navigating drop-off without the typical carline. Students also helped out a lot by making posters and promoting the event.”

The festival included Mary’s Go-Round Petting Zoo, Sistahs’ Sweets food truck, a Kona Ice truck, a photo booth, a hot dog and snacks table, a bounce house, and all the games and activities students could want. Hands down, the favorite station was the petting zoo, which, says Ms. Boyd, will definitely be on the roster for next year. “I could not imagine not having my Tinkerbell there!”

Although she was able to spend a few quality moments with her favorite lamb, most of the day she was “running and ripping” to keep everything moving and everyone engaged.

The festival had morning and afternoon components: the preschoolers got the morning. TNCS parent Jennifer Arndt-Robinson was on hand for this portion, manning the photo booth:

This is a great new addition to the school’s lineup. It’s a wonderful way to get families out here enjoying the gorgeous spring weather and having some new adventures. The kids are loving everything and are really excited. My daughter has been talking about it for weeks! I’m helping families take photos at the photo booth and giving them memories and collecting some memories for the school.

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In the afternoon, classes of kindergarteners through middle schoolers attended in a staggered fashion.

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As alluded to above, this phenomenally successful festival is now going to be an annual tradition. Ms. Boyd says, “the students made it very clear that if they don’t have it next year they will feel a certain way. So, I plan to continue it and make it bigger and better than the year before.”

TNCS Head of School Erika Johnson shared Ms. Boyd’s vision of creating a festival that was more than just a way to have fun.

Is there a better way to welcome Spring than in the joyful arms of Community? I am convinced that the more often we gather, the stronger our bond becomes. I appreciate Ms. Boyd’s vision and ability to engage our entire student body with thoughtfulness and intention. Let’s also commend her bravery in bringing farm animals to the heart of Fells Point! Kudos to Ms. Boyd, her team of volunteers, and our TNCS families for all their efforts. From our 2-year-olds to our 8th graders, yesterday’s celebration of rebirth and renewal lit our path toward sunshine and good times in the coming weeks.

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  1. I observed while there that a fun time was had by all .Kudos to all whose minds bodies and souls who helped to make this day happen and a new tradition of this being and annual event. Novas grandma Banana

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