TNCS’s First-Ever Silent Auction: Going Once, Going Twice, Gone!

The New Century School held its first-ever Silent Auction last month, and it sure made the grade!  This success is due to the tireless work of the TNCS Parent Council’s Fundraising Committee, including Fundraising Committee Co-Chairs Lauren Davino and Sarah Andrews as well as equally hard-working committee members Sarah Cornblath and Jessica Leonard.

Once again, this blog is guest written by Ms. Leonard!

Show Me the Money!

TNCS’s Parent Council’s inaugural Silent Auction finished strong, raising more than $2,300. The Fundraising Committee knew they were going to face a challenge when asking for donations from local businesses that had already been set back financially by the pandemic. But the Committee got to work confirming donations with vendors and seeking out new donations. TNCS’s very own staff stepped up to the plate and created wonderful handmade pieces. In fact, these donations received some of the highest number of bids and some of the highest bid prices!

There were 158 total bids, with the Kindergarten aftercare artwork tying for the most bids with 11. The MAC membership and custom portraits were also part of the three-way tie, also receiving 11 bids, while the WYPR gift bag came in a close second with 10 bids. And many of the gift certificates went for the asking price, with a few going over asking price!

So what is the Parent Council going to do with this money? A portion of the raised funds are already allocated toward a private online concert from 123 Andres on Friday, June 4th (more information forthcoming), and the Parent Council will also be engaging with TNCS administration to identify ways to best support TNCS staff and students.

The Silent Auction would not have been a success without the wonderful TNCS community. Thank you to all those that participated, donated, or just helped spread the word. The Fundraising Committee can’t wait to do it again next year!

Didn’t participate? Well, just so you don’t make the same mistake next year, here’s what you missed:

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One of two pieces of artwork made by Ms. Tanelle and Kindergarten Aftercare. Value = priceless (obviously).


TNCS Primary Students Help April Do Its Job!

April showers bring May flowers—we all know that. But what brings the showers? Students at The New Century School do!

Last month, TNCS students in Maria Waldron’s primary Montessori classroom were given a really big job: to bring the rain. They also learned about the culture of Chile while involved in their rain-making project. Mrs. Waldron’s assistant, Sra. Espinoza, is from Chile and wanted to share something from her home with the students.

Palos de Agua

“Palos de agua (rain sticks),” said Mrs. Waldron, originate from Northern Chile, with African influences as well. Traditionally, they are made from dried cactus, from which the spines are then driven back into in a spiral pattern, and stones or dried beans are poured in to make the sound of falling rain.” Chile, by the way, is home to the world’s driest desert, so conjuring rain storms is important there!

Step Uno

The children punched holes in paper towel tubes in a spiral pattern, using big (safe) tacks.

Step Dos

Then they stuck toothpicks inside the holes and glued them in.

Step Tres

Next, the sharp toothpick edges were clipped off and filed down with manicure tools. “This took a lot of concentration and careful fine motor work,” said Mrs. Waldron.

Step Cuatro

They wrapped the tubes in brown packing tape . . .

Step Cinco

. . . and finally decorated them with colorful yarn and pom poms.

Here Comes the Rain Again!

“The children really enjoyed the process and learning about Chile and the instrument,” said Mrs. Waldron. We can’t wait to see what blossoms they bring!