Foreign Language Apps, Games, Books, CDs, and More!


♦ Duolingo—Free language education for the world!:

♦ Learn Spanish by Mindsnacks:

♦ Eeboo—Spanish Bingo:

♦ Zingo—Think Fun!:

♦ De Colores—books and CDs:

♦ My First Don Quijote de la Mancha:

♦ Ladybug magazine:

♦ Ask magazine:

♦ Putumayo Presents—Latin Party!:



♦ Word Tracer app:

♦ Chinese for Kids app:

♦ Mandarin Baby Flash Cards app:

♦ PenyoPal app:

♦ Learn Mandarin by MindSnacks:

♦ Chinese and English Nursery Rhymes: Share and Sing in Two Languages:

♦ The Pet Dragon: A Story about Adventure, Friendship, and Chinese Characters:

♦ Character printing paper:

♦ Dictionary software:

♦ Skritter—Learn to Write Chinese Characters:

♦ Nciku—More than a Dictionary:

♦ MDBG English to Chinese dictionary:

*Note: Most of these games are for elementary-age students. Our list will continue to expand to include apps appropriate for younger children as well.

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