Top 10 Benefits of Multilingualism

The marriage of Montessori-inspired education with language immersion in Spanish and Mandarin is enriching The New Century School students in many ways. Here are the Top 10 (er, 11)* ways that learning other languages is a boon for TNCS kids.

1. Benefits academic progress in other subjects

2. Narrows achievement gaps

3. Benefits basic skills development

4. Benefits higher-order, abstract, and creative thinking

5. Enriches and enhances cognitive development

6. Enhances a student’s sense of achievement

7. Helps students score higher on standardized tests

8. Promotes cultural awareness and competency

9. Improves chances of college acceptance, achievement, and attainment

10. Enhances career opportunities

BONUS: 11. Benefits understanding and security in community and society

* This list was modified from The Benefits of Second Language Study: Regarding World Language Education. Research Findings with Citations. National Education Assoication Research, December 2007. Accessed 2/1/13 at

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