TNCS Launches New Website!

The New Century School has accomplished sheer marvels in its 5 years. The once tiny one-room school has grown into a full-fledged preschool and elementary school with a middle school on the horizon, and, with the expansion, the student body has increased apace. Milestone after milestone has been sighted, then met, including launching a greenhouse and school-lunch program, acquiring a gymnasium and auditorium; implementing a robust STEM curriculum; introducing Immersed; earning a coveted STARTALK grant; and creating a wonderfully rich education that integrates the arts, modern world languages, inquiry-based learning, and self-motivated discovery.

The TNCS community is responsible for these remarkable achievements, from the school co-founders/executive directors who first brought their visionary education ideas to fruition; to the amazing staff with an incredible range of individual talents and skills, not to mention devotion; to the students themselves, who both illuminate the school with their unique personalities and benefit enormously from what they take away. And there’s another essential piece of the TNCS community who shape, and are shaped by participation in, this group: the TNCS families. The level of parent involvement means that education is a family affair, with parents and children sharing the process and therefore maximizing its efficacy. It also means that the school is an extension of home—it’s a place where children want to be.

Yet another achievement has grown out of the collaborative efforts of school administration, staff, students, and families: TNCS has launched a vibrant new website made up of all of these invaluable contributions. To put it simply, the website is beautiful because it reflects the school. This blog post is not only an official announcement that the website is live and ready but also an expression of gratitude to the TNCS community who made it possible.

At, visitors will get a peek inside TNCS as they navigate each informative, helpful page, and current families can attend to school business through the convenient Parent Hub (while drinking in images of their children engaged and absorbed in their day-to-day scholastic tasks). To all of you who contributed your time, your skills, professional expertise, testimonials, photographs—yourselves—THANK YOU!

Spend some time getting to know the all-new website, and share with your friends and your family. Please don’t hesitate to provide your very welcome feedback. Most of all, enjoy!

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