Green Neighborhood Energy Challenge: TNCS Update

It’s a good week for clean energy. It started off with President Obama pledging renewed attention to clean energy in his State of the Union address:

“Today, no area holds more promise than our investments in American energy. After years of talking about it, we’re finally poised to control our own energy future . . . We have doubled the distance our cars will go on a gallon of gas, and the amount of renewable energy we generate from sources like wind and solar — with tens of thousands of good American jobs to show for it . . . And over the last four years, our emissions of the dangerous carbon pollution that threatens our planet have actually fallen.”

Then we heard that the ozone hole has shrunk to a record low. And, the week is closing with The New Century School’s own continued commitment a little closer to home. In TNCS Launches Green Neighborhood Energy Challenge, we detailed Clean Currents’ initiative to spread the green with GNEC. Having switched both TNCS and The Lingo Leap to 100% wind and solar power, they are now helping local families also switch over. GNEC brings 100% renewable, sustainable energy into your home. Plus, for every family who makes the switch, Clean Currents donates $30 to TNCS for their use in a school initiative of their choice and, with just 20 enrollments, Clean Currents will donate an additional $500 to TNCS!

What is that school initiative? Alicia Cooper-Danyali, TNCS Head of School, says, “The donation from Clean Currents for each family that signs up for Wind Power will be used toward a sound and lighting system for Building North.” Exciting news indeed!

So, How Are We Doing???

Well, today, February 15th is the exact midpoint of the GNEC, which began January 15th and runs through March 15th. So far, 5 households have made the switch. That’s great progress, but we can do better—for our families, our school, and our environment.

To make this process even easier, Clean Currents’ representative Emily Conrad is attending TNCS’s potluck tonight, where you can sign up on the spot. “There are only 4 weeks left in TNCS’s Green Neighborhood Challenge!” says Mrs. Cooper-Danyali. “Clean Currents will be at the potluck to answer any questions you might have and help you sign up for wind power at home. Please remember to bring your electricity bill or BGE Electric Choice ID (10 digit # on the top left of the 2nd page of your bill).”
Did you know that you can calculate your household’s carbon footprint with this online tool? You might be surprised by the amount of greenhouse gases you generate. One big step you can take to reduce this footprint is by converting your household to clean, renewable energy.

5 thoughts on “Green Neighborhood Energy Challenge: TNCS Update

  1. A big shout out to Emily Conrad for attending Friday’s potluck dinner at TNCS—great to have you there! How many new recruits signed up for GNEC?

    The winds of change are blowing in Baltimore City . . . Convert to green energy with Clean Currents’ 100% renewable, sustainable wind power and earn rewards for TNCS!

  2. I had a wonderful time at the potluck on Friday meeting TNCS families! Thanks so much for so warmly inviting me into your community.
    Another family switched to wind power that evening, and at least 6 more families said they were planning on making the switch. With only 3 weeks left in TNCS’s campaign, now is a great time to visit or call me if you have any questions at (301)754-0430 x706

  3. Families, with just over 2 weeks remaining to sign up during the Green Neighborhood Energy Challenge, TNCS wants YOU! To go green.

    Whether you rent or own your home, switching to Clean Currents takes literally just a few minutes, but the rewards you will reap are enormous!

    • NO FEES
    • Quick, easy online registration
    • SAVES you money on your electric bill (compared to BGE’s 2013 pricing structure)
    • Promotes environmental and economic sustainability
    • Measurably reduces your carbon footprint
    • Bonus for TNCS with 20 families signing up

    Visit or call Emily Conrad if you have any questions at (301) 754-0430 x706, but don’t let this fantastic opportunity pass you by!

    • We did this, and it’s all true! Fast, easy process; no fees/installations; and HUGE community benefits. There really are no disadvantages!

  4. We are up to 11 families out of 20! Great progress!

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