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The New Century School (TNCS) is aptly named. It provides a learning environment that is in sync with the times–this is a new century after all, not to mention a new and changing world. To be responsible, conscientious, engaged members of that world, our children will benefit from a fresh approach to education. TNCS is about participating in a community, and community happens at both the micro and the macro levels. Students of TNCS learn appropriate interaction with one another in the classroom and throughout the school as well as how to navigate broader social contexts through immersion in other languages such as Spanish and Mandarin Chinese. The one-language model of education just won’t cut it in today’s global community.

picture of the front of the school

Welcome to TNCS!

So, welcome, friends and families, to the inaugural edition of TNCS blog! We are thrilled to be officially up and running with what we hope becomes a forum to share language immersion and Montessori education–related news and research as well as to promote dialogue among readers.

This blog’s mission is to explore what it means to be a Montessori-inspired language immersion school, what it means for the children to be attending such a progressive school, and what it means for the parents of those children. TNCS brings a distinctive flavor to language immersion and Montessori education in many ways, and we’ll explore those unique offerings, too!

The 2012–2013 school year brings many exciting new things to TNCS. Stay tuned to learn all about these fantastic new features!


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  1. So happy to be live!

  2. As a school parent, I am eagerly following this blog!

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