International Walk-to-School Day

On Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012 students around the globe hit the sidewalks on foot, in strollers and wagons, and even on scooters and bikes to get to school. Partnering with the Downtown Baltimore Family Alliance, The New Century School joined in the International Walk to School Day fun.

student and dad walk to school on International Walk to School Day

On our way to school!

TNCS students and their families who walked through the entry gate to school were greeted with an exciting scene–teachers and faculty cheered them on with bells, whistles, and the tapping of rhythm sticks. The kids were thrilled to start the school day in such a festive way! Though the weather forecast that morning was not in our favor, 30 kids made the trek despite the threat of rain and the prevailing mist and fog!

Many TNCS families are already dedicated walkers, but on learning about the event, some new families decided to give it a go. All in all, more than 25% of  students currently enrolled at TNCS participated–which comes as no surprise given TNCS’s spirit of community and camaraderie.

Students were given stickers to wear proclaiming their accomplishment, and all students brought home car stickers reminding drivers to Brake for Pedestrians.

kids who walked to school were honored with clapping and a sticker

Receiving an I-Walked-to-School sticker!

The event was a great way to demonstrate the value of choosing to walk rather than taking the car. For many of us, walking to school isn’t always practical, but walking to the market, to the kids’ soccer game, or to neighborhood points of interest are fun and convenient alternatives. You’ll be amazed at how differently you see your community! The point is to just get out and walk as close by or as far as you like!

Benefits of walking include a host of health improvements as well as environmental conservation and enhanced community involvement. A free Walk Score app was recently unveiled that assesses your neighborhood’s “walkability.” See how Walk Score is calculated by visiting!

Join TNCS in taking steps for walking!

teachers gathered to clap, bang sticks, and

What a welcome!


3 thoughts on “International Walk-to-School Day

  1. Such a great way to get exercise and take in the sights and sounds of their neighborhood on the way to school. Definitely something to celebrate.

    • We were one of the “new families” who walked to school for the first time–the kids LOVED it!

  2. We were also a “new family” to walk to school. So glad we participated as it made me realize the 35 minute walk through the park and Upper Fells was actually a lot of fun!

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