TNCS’s Winter Performance Amazes and Delights!


The 2014 Winter Performance was stunning!

The New Century School‘s 2014 Winter Performance was unanimously voted Best Ever by a rapt, proud, overflowing audience! The motifs of peace and love provided a unifying theme, appropriate for the season and for TNCS’s spirit. The success of this year’s performance is due to a combination of factors, including the continued tremendous dedication of TNCS staff, the heartbreakingly adorable performers, and the simply amazing TNCS families.

A few notable stand-outs deserve particular attention. First, of course, are Mr. Warren and Ms. Miller whose musical and artistic talents took the event to new heights of production. Then there are the parent volunteers, who carried out all sorts of helpful tasks from filming the performance to setting up the best audio we’ve ever had the pleasure to enjoy! There were also some surprise solo performers who charmed the audience with their consummate showmanship. (Though they shall remain nameless here, expect to see their names in lights in the coming years.)

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Other differences this year also made for big pay-offs. Performers stood on bleachers so all were easily seen and heard from the audience. The event was limited to the primary and elementary classes, and although the pre-primary toddlers were certainly missed, the event was more manageable in terms of time and efficiency with just the older students. A new time was also road-tested, but what timing works best for most families is yet to be determined.

And then there were Mr. Warren’s touches of brilliance—he had the elementary students perform “Ode to Joy” on recorders as well as led the entire auditorium through an interactive rendition of “Jingle Bells” ¬†with audience participation. He chose to reprise “Winter Song,” and the dewy-eyed audience was not sorry to hear that lovely song again. Finally, he ended the show with a happy surprise by debuting his original composition, “The New Century School Song,” which primary and elementary students joined together to sing.

The 2014 Winter Performance was the ideal way to close out the first semester of TNCS’s remarkable fifth year. Well done, TNCS community, and Happy Holidays!