It’s Immersed’s Fifth Anniversary!

“Happy Birthday to me, happy birthday to me, hap-py birth-day blog dot the new century school dot co-om, happy birthday to me!”

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You read correctly, folks—Immersed first greeted the world this week in 2012! (October 12th to be exact.) Five years later, The New Century School‘s blog is going strong!

To celebrate this milestone, we thought we’d take a look at Five Fun Facts about Immersed.

Number 1: This is Immersed‘s 244th post.

Number 2: Immersed‘s most popular day is Sunday, which snags 24% of views. It’s best hour is 3:00 pm, garnering 14% of views.

Number 3: Before today, Immersed had a total of 62,005 views and 23,710 visitors. (We’re hoping to see a dramatic spike in the next few days!)

Number 4: Immersed‘s readership extends from the United States all the way to South Korea, Taiwan, the United Kingdom, Australia, the Netherlands, Hong Kong, Albania, China, and South Africa!

Number 5: The most views Immersed ever got in a single day was on September 24, 2016. That was the occasion of another milestone post: Immersed’s Bicentennial!—making that the all-time most popular post. Why so popular? Because it lists and links to each of the first 200 posts, providing a snapshot of how the blog—and the school it covers—have evolved over time.)

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