TNCS Performs at Continental Bridge Celebration!

In 2015, Baltimore City marks the 30-year anniversary of its sister city relationships with Xiamen in China and Rotterdam in the Netherlands. To celebrate this momentous occasion, the Creative Alliance hosted a Chinese and Dutch art exhibition as well as an event to explore these cultures through various art and movement workshops and performances on September 26th.


Xiamen is home to many U.S. companies and, as a port of call for international merchant ships, is the heart of Chinese trade with Baltimore City.

The New Century School elementary students were there to support the Baltimore–Xiamen Sister City Committee by singing two Chinese songs and performing one dance. BXSCC ” . . . has been and continues to be an active sister city creating opportunities in Baltimore City and Xiamen, China for business, education, and cultural exchanges” for the past 30 years. Xiamen is in China’s Fujian Province, along the southeast coast and is a port city like Baltimore.

Education Chair Vida Willis was on hand to express her appreciation for TNCS’s continued participation in BXSCC initiatives. With her customary warmth and graciousness, Ms. Willis presented TNCS with a series of Mayoral Certificates, including students, teachers, staff, administration, and even parents in her commendations.

And now, what you’ve all been waiting for—the performance!

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