Immersed’s Centennial!

You may recall that this 2014–2015 academic year marks The New Century School‘s 5th anniversary both as TNCS and in its current location. Another meaningful anniversary goes hand in hand with TNCS’s milestone—this is Immersed‘s 100th blog post! For each of the past 99 weeks, Immersed has kept you abreast of TNCS goings-on, relevant education news, and other pertinent tidbits.

We thank you for your readership and invite you to suggest blog topics you are interested in reading about. This centenarian is here for you and going strong! Long may you run, Immersed!

Happy one hundredth birthday!

Feliz cumpleaños una centésima!

Kuàilè de bǎi fēn zhī yī suì shēngrì (快乐的百分之一 百岁生日)!

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