Welcome to The New Century School!

The New Century School in Fell’s Point in Baltimore, MD offers a high-quality individualized education in a supportive environment. The preschool program follows a Montessori curriculum, stressing choice, learning from peers, and the cultivation of concentration. The elementary program takes a modified Montessori approach, featuring small mixed-aged classes, technology, arts, and hands-on science. Schoolwide, we focus on teaching children to be gracious and kind to one another. At TNCS, we strive to take full advantage of the sensitive period for language acquisition, the wonderful window that exists before about age 7 or 8 years when a child can learn a second or third language with little effort. We begin with complete language immersion in either Spanish or Mandarin Chinese for the toddler classes, then transition to partial language immersion and daily language classes for the Preschool and Elementary classes.

TNCS is committed to providing each child the opportunity to become an independent, secure, and balanced human being. Each child cultivates his or her natural intellectual curiosity while developing leadership skills and the ability to think critically. We embrace the individual and design developmentally appropriate activities and lessons to engage and enrich.

5 thoughts on “Home

  1. The front of the school is so inviting and welcoming!

  2. I would like to see it!

  3. dear,
    i am a Chinese student who major in teaching Chinese as a foreign language .My name is Wang jinling,you can call me Crytall.I am from Dalian Polytechnic University. I have signed up for going to become a teacher as your school,and i wait for your interview . i like children ,and i have experience in teaching children for three years and teaching foreigns for three years. i will appreciate if you can contact me . by the way ,i can cook very well.

  4. After touring your school it appears that new clean rugs are needed and that the playground be improved.

    • Dear Rob,

      In fact, the playground is being overhauled for the coming schoolyear! Staff and students alike are tremendously excited for this project to begin. As the student body ages alongside the school, the playground needs to be able to accommodate a range of age-appropriate activities, so TNCS elementary students submitted “blueprints” for the playground redesign as their Spring Break project this past April. Stay tuned for further developments in this exciting endeavor!

      Regarding your other concern, all of our rugs are cleaned at least daily. A schoolyear’s worth of wear and tear takes its inevitable toll, however, and rugs are replaced as necessary.

      Thank you for your comments, and we certainly hope to welcome you to TNCS again soon!

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