Highlights from a Triumphant 2020–2021 School Year at TNCS!

The New Century School closed out the 2020–2021 school year with quite a bang. From preprimary through middle school, TNCS students made the most of their last few weeks together! And, events involving all divisions are covered at the end of this post.

Preprimary End-of-Year Highlights

Family Picnic

“Our students also made invitation cards to invite their parents to a preschool picnic that was our first school in-person event,” said Song Laoshi.

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“They also grew beanstalks,” said Song Laoshi: “First, they put a paper towel into a clear cup. Then, they placed a few of the dried beans and push them down the edges of the cup. Finally, they poured the water to moisten the paper towel. Our students enjoyed watering their seeds with a teapot, which is also great for fine motor practice. This science experience allows our students to observe the changes in plant growth over time.

Primary End-of-Year Highlights

Homemade Dog Treats for Happy Tails Pet Resort

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Patterson Park Cleanup by Primary Students

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“The children enjoyed their efforts and are excited to do it again soon,” said Mrs. Waldron.

Teddy Bear Picnic and Lots of Other Last Week Activities

We made our traditional class t-shirts (marbled), had a drama/improv class with Mr. Waldron, met Captain Tim Frush from Living Classrooms, and had a teddy bear picnic,” said Mrs. Waldron. Awwwwww!

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They also did a play!

Elementary and Middle School End-of-Year Activities

Walking Tour of Historic Fell’s Point 

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Fantastic Field Day

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TNCS Visits B’More Licks

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Whole-School Efforts

123 Andrés Concert

Students even made posters for this first-of-its-kind event! (More on this to come!)

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Trex Was Also a Huge Success This Year!

Top 10 list of highest recycling families:
Last Name of Student or Staff Member / Total weight (lbs)
Antelo 120.4875!!
Davino 38.30601
Grewal 36.35
Horvath 32.3
Uradomo/Gurman 18.27375
Odabashian 16.725
Casanova/Shah 15.775
Maxson 15
Mallinson 14.9
Pulford 14.25

What a year! What a fantastic year!

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