Best of Immersed: Reader Poll

Dear Readers, we have achieved quite a milestone. With 85 (that’s right—eighty-five) posts under its belt, Immersed has now pretty well established its presence, and we’d be nowhere without our loyal readership. That’s why we decided that #86 was a chance to give something back.

In an ongoing effort to provide the kind of news you care about, we are asking you to vote for your favorite post of 2014. Knowing the kind of content that appeals to you most will help us focus on those topics in upcoming posts and give your more of what you want to read. Because there’s plenty more to come, folks :)!

Please also feel free to comment on your preferences—why you like what you like, and why you don’t like something else!


2 thoughts on “Best of Immersed: Reader Poll

  1. I liked “Spaceship Club” because it not only features the kids doing amazing (and adorable) things, but it also showcases the caliber of staff that TNCS attracts. Giving them the space to create their own programs is paying off with imaginative, creative classroom and specials curricula and aftercare clubs like this one.

  2. I never miss a blog. Love it! The post on spaceship club is a favorite, too.

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