Immersed Is Here!

And here it is—your new blog! Earlier this summer we mentioned feeling that the blog needed a little sprucing up, and Immersed (new name, new look) is the result. It’s also a way to ring in The New Century School‘s 2013–2014 school year, which is brimming with wonderful new things: exciting events, curriculum refinements, additional staff, and even another grade added to the elementary program, so we also wanted to put our best foot forward with a refresh.

You helped with the name; will you help now with the appearance?

4 thoughts on “Immersed Is Here!

  1. Wish the links and other parts would also show up in our signature green instead of blue . . .

  2. Me too . . .

  3. A reader has a suggestion! Could you please enter your suggestion either in comments here, within the poll itself, or on the Facebook page? We’d love to hear it :)!

  4. I like the new format.

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