Adventures with One Straw Farm CSA

One Straw Farm drops off Community Supported Agriculture shares to The New Century School each Tuesday, June through November. Many of us are daunted by the weekly basket brimming with enough vegetables to feed a family of four (or many more if your kids are “vegetable averse”). “What do I do with all those leftover kohlrabi greens?” you might wonder. Embrace the challenge with us, readers! Whether you need ideas and assistance or whether you have advice to share (how you use the kohlrabi greens, for example), please visit this page often to dispel the misconception that handling a full or even a half CSA share each week is overwhelmingly difficult.

Visit the page here: CSA Recipes. Let’s do this :)!

2 thoughts on “Adventures with One Straw Farm CSA

  1. The CSA is fantastic! I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a way to make a healthy change. When the season ended in November, I couldn’t wait to get my vegetables again this June. I learned how to use and cook chard, greens, even how to saute radishes (to get rid of the bitter, sharp taste) and make garlic scape pesto. My 2 1/2 year old loves the veggie soup I make with all the greens. Amazingly fresh and beautiful produce that blows away what’s available in any grocery store. Try it out.

  2. Thanks Erin! Could you send the garlic scape pesto recipe ;)? Sounds yummy!

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